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  • What is the Process of Ordering a Wedding Cake with You?
    We start with a Cake Tasting and Consultation in person with you to find out all about your Cake Goals for Flavor and Design, as well as other details of your Wedding (flowers, color scheme, venue, time of day etc.) to help create a Perfectly Custom Designed Cake for your Event. We then send you a contract for you to look over and sign, as well as an easy to pay invoice broken up into 2 payments.
  • Why are you cakes priced higher than grocery stores and other bakeries?
    Unfortunately in the last year Butter and Vanilla have skyrocketed in price. Since we never use Margarine, Shortening, Imitation Vanilla or items from a box or preservatives that other places may use, the fresh ingredients we use has a cost that is higher. We are also licensed and insured which has costs, and the state requires us to charge and pay our sales tax. I try to keep costs as comparable and affordable as possible, driving a gas saving vehicle for deliveries to keep that cost down as well, but the cost of fresh ingredients and time to do everything from scratch and by hand by 1 person takes hours of work, plus the cost of all the fresh ingredients, supports, boards, boxes, food safety and insurance to keep you and your guests safe and those lovely taxes.
  • What do you offer that should make me choose you for my Dream Cake aside from the tasty part?
    We only take on 1 Wedding Cake per week so your cake gets our full and undivided attention from start to finish. We're staying at your venue to make sure your cake is decorated and set up perfectly. We do not have to drop and go to another delivery, We're not making other cakes while making yours with the potential to get your cake confused or messed up. You are paying for our service, so we want to make sure your cake gets all the attention it needs and deserves. We also offer a complimentary 1 Year Anniversary Topper Baked Fresh for your 1 Year Anniversary (No old cake that you have to find room for in your freezer for), so you can relive all the fresh tastiness that you did on your wedding day!
  • How early do I need to book my cake?
    For Weddings, we say as soon as you have your date and venue secured for prime wedding season (March-November), but 3-6 months is the normal time frame. Again, we only do 1 wedding per weekend, so to make sure you get your wedding date it's best to get your tasting scheduled as soon as possible. Orders must be finalized and cannot be changed any later than 30 days prior to your event. Orders less than 30 days before the event must be paid in full. Any orders placed at 2 weeks or less have a late fee.
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